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The D-vibe Online Surveys

The D-vibe Online Baseline, Planning and Evaluation Survey Tool has been designed to help you find out how young people experience drugs and alcohol in their lives, what they know and believe about substances and what level of confidence and risk management skills they have. We know that building resilience is a key part of drug education so this tool can help you to identify the learning needs of young people and to gain a clearer picture of their experiences so that you can help them be healthy and stay safe.

If you are a young person completing the survey, remember it is anonymous, nobody will know who you are within the group. The login only tells us which group you are in but not who you are, so you can be completely honest and it will be private. When you complete the survey the answers you give will help to make sure your drug education lessons are more relevant and will help us to know what you need as well as helping us to plan our support services, campaigns and communications around drugs issues. It will give us an up to the minute picture of what young people know and need to know about drugs, alcohol and getting help and support.

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